How It Works

1. Writers, publishers, or agents upload a book or script

  • Complete a questionnaire & profile
  • Choose an annual plan
  • Grant us Right of First Refusal (ROFR)

2. We catalog & curate the uploaded story

  • Using a combination of data analysis & human readers, we categorize & curate the story submissions onto our platform, the Marketplace.

3. Studios, production companies & producers look through the stories. We also directly share suitable stories

  • Studios, production companies & producers review curated stories on the Marketplace, all with Film & TV rights available.
  • We maintain an active conversation to understand their needs.
  • We may directly share stories that match those needs.

4. Studios, production companies & producers request to read full story, then connect with the writer or agent to make the option deal

  • Once studios, production companies & producers find a desired story, they request to read the full book or script through the Marketplace.
  • We provide a secure, digital copy, free of charge.
  • Upon deciding to pick up for adaptation, they discuss an option deal directly with the writer or agent.

5. If a story gets adapted, we do not touch the rights. Nor do we request any additional fees from the Writers, agent or publisher

  • We give the ROFR to the studio/production company/producer & do not partake in the future relationship amongst the parties.
  • We request a commission & profit share from the studio/production company/producer upon their decision to enter production.

6. If freelance support is required, a complimentary listing of available service providers can be found on the Marketplace

  • Our Service Provider users have various backgrounds to support diverse project needs (screenwriting, script doctoring, copywriting, translations, graphic designs, marketing/PR, etc.)
  • TaleFlick does not engage in nor request fee for any projects or connections that result from user interaction on the Marketplace.